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Australia’s war on science

Idiot leaders abound.

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Cyclists accuse police of going soft on dangerous drivers


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Oxford’s Free Course Critical Reasoning For Beginners Will Teach You to Think Like a Philosopher

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Global cancer surge fuelled by alcohol, smoking and obesity predicted by WHO

World Health Organisation experts issue timebomb warning and say key is prevention, possibly including tax on sugared drinks.

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Pediatrician: Vaccinate Your Kids—Or Get Out of My Office

Sounds reasonable

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Let it go.

Just let it go.

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Bitcoin bringing real rewards to Australian businesses

The real-world use of virtual currency is catching on with Australian businesses, despite criticism the system is too unreliable.

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Abbott's wrecking of Australia

Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013; from that moment, he and his government have broken promises and caused chaos, hurting Australians and damaging our economy and international reputation

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Why You Think You’re Great at Everything, Even When You Suck

If you’re not sure then you’re not good.

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NSA considered spying on Australians 'unilaterally', leaked paper reveals

Time to get a little grumpy at our alleged ally.

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Bicycles belong on the road, registration free

When answering this question, it is useful to look at countries and cities that have provided excellent bicycle facilities and assess whether they have imposed registration fees on cycling. The countries that have the highest rates of bicycle friendliness, most notably the Netherlands and Denmark, do not charge any registration fee for cycling. 

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Cyclists win battle for a metre passing law

$4400 fine and 8 demerit points. Getting my camera ready for sending video to the police to get the overly aggressive drivers off the road.

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Is it OK to kill cyclists?

Cyclists die twice as much per kilometer travelled than car travelers. Yet nobody cares. Aggressive drivers are a menace to other drivers but they are a far more deadly threat to cyclists. Having already experienced many incidents over only a year, but nothing injurious as yet, I understand that you have to be extra cautious because there is cyclists are not given any allowances to the law. Cars will stay very close when passing (some have even come extremely close, and have extended side mirrors - a pretty obvious attempt to wing me), cars will cut left across cyclist lanes without checking, reverse out from parking, directly into your path, tailgate you when you have no bike path option. Car driver aggression shows complete contempt for the cyclist’s life. 

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White House OKd spying on allies

The US government is quickly identifying itself as the biggest threat to world security and are never to be believed.

NSA Whistleblower Russel Tice

Mark Klein

William Binney

Thomas Drake

Thomas Tamm